Javalina Hunting Guide Arizona
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Guided Javalina Hunts

Javalina Hunting Guide Southern Arizona

Rifle Javalina Hunt Arizona
Joe Zidanic with his rifle javalina.

Javalina Hunting Archery
Sean McLaughlin with his archery javalina.



Our guides at Crawford Guide Service have over 40 years of combined guided Javalina experience. We hunt on the Coronado National Forest, state land, and private ranches.. A typical Javalina hunting day starts with an uphill climb on a steep and rocky mountain to our glassing spot. Our rifle hunts are glass-and-spot style. As your Javalina hunting quide we locate the Javalina, and then stalk to within rifle range. Average rifle shots are around 100 yards. Hunting Arizona can be physically demanding and we encourage you to start an exercise routine so you can have a more enjoyable hunt. Our Javalina Archery hunts are also spot-and-stalk. Ask us about our guided deer and Javalina combo archery hunts for twice the hunting fun! Give us a call at 520-907-0793 to learn more.


Rifle Feb.19-25
HAM (Handgun, Archery, and Muzzleloader)
Feb. 5-11
Archery Jan.1-28.

Our Fees

  • Three day fully guided (1x1) rifle, HAM, or archery hunt is $1500.00.
  • Four day fully guided Deer/Javalina combo archery hunt is $2000.00

CGS requires a 50% deposit at the time of booking your Javalina hunting trip and the remaining balance is due upon arrival.

About Javelina

Found only in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico the collared peccary / javelina is tan and brown and have a reddish strip down their back. During the winter months their coat is very thick and the black mane is very visible, thus the name collared peccary. Adult javelina range from 35 to 60 pounds. The male javelina is typically a bit larger and heavier than the female. Javelina live and travel in groups or herds of 8 - 10 animals. A primary Tucson and Southern Arizona game animal, javelina can be hunted with a handgun, rifle, muzzleloader or bow.